About Make Education a Priority

In 2010, the system for funding Texas public schools was in need of repair. School districts across the state were making budgetary cuts impacting classroom instruction. With the Texas 82nd Legislative Session around the corner and with hopes of gaining support to properly fund public schools, a 5 day around-the-clock letter writing campaign was created.

Under a 10 x 10 tent along a Farm to Market road in Aledo Texas, the mission was simple; share the importance of public education and build support via signatures one motorist at a time. Within days, the community responded. Five thousand individually signed letters shared the same identical message – a simple yet powerful 4 word statement – “Make Education a Priority.”

This act of advocacy was soon joined by others across Texas. Thousands upon thousands of letters were received to strengthen the message. As a result of this grassroots movement, a resolution reflecting the importance of working together and making education a priority was crafted.

in 2011, the Make Education a Priority (MEaP) resolution quickly circulated across the state. One by one, expressing unity – school boards adopted this unique document. Never accomplished before by resolution, a majority of Texas school districts came together and shared a united message ...        "Make Education a Priority."

Today, MEaP has evolved its advocacy focus to three specific areas:

  • Foster Public Engagement with Public Schools
  • Promote Effective School Board Governance
  • Enhance Relationships with Policymakers

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