Welcome to Make Education a Priority!

Public Education in the State of Texas is repeatedly challenged in many ways but has proven to be very resilient in responding to the challenges.  With a total student enrollment of 5.2 million students, and growing at a rate of 80,000 students per year, the challenges are magnified by funding inadequacies and inequities, realities that prompted over 600 school districts in Texas to file lawsuits against the State of Texas.  But public education cannot leave it to the courts to dictate how to best educate these students.  It is a constitutional obligation of the state to adequately fund public education and that obligation is at the center of many discussions surrounding public education.

Increasingly, legislators and many in the public at large have advocated for so-called "school choice", with arguments centering around vouchers, taxpayer savings credits, charters and private schools.  The reality is that public education is, in fact, a school choice and one strongly supported by Make Education a Priority.  Founded as a grassroots movement in 2010, MEaP has now evolved to a position of strength in three primary areas as summarized below.  Ultimately it is the obligation of all of us to ensure that the public education students in Texas receive an education that will enable them to be productive citizens in an ever changing world.  It's their right and it's our obligations.  Make Education a Priority will work feverishly to ensure that we deliver on both.

Please join Make Education a Priority in the pursuit of outstanding educational opportunities for students across the State of Texas.  Our students expect nothing less from us!