School Priority Month

School Priority Month Objectives

  • To foster public engagement and promote our public schools across Texas
  • To acknowledge a valued partnership with all elected officials
  • To exhibit transparency, accountability, and a shared responsibility


A shared vision where every school campus in Texas invites elected officials from every level of government to visit and experience firsthand the great work taking place in our local public schools.


The event 'School Priority Month' is to take place during the month of October every other year prior to a legislative session. This October of 2016 event will mark the inaugural 'School Priority Month'.


All publicly elected individuals representing every level of government within our federal, state, county, and city structure - such as county sheriffs, judges, commissioners, city councils, mayors, legislators and more will be invited to visit a school campus. Fostering partnerships between elected officials and our public schools is a priority.   


School districts will have the opportunity to foster relationships and share positive experiences with elected leaders based on classroom visits, student and teacher conversations, and administrative debriefs as part of their campus tours.


School districts will have the flexibility to schedule and showcase their local schools. Consider utilizing students at every level - from invitations to conversations with our elected officials.


The Coalition for Public Schools, Pastors for Texas Children, Texas Association of Community Schools, Equity Center, Association of Texas Professional Educators, Friends of Texas Public Schools, Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association, Texas Rural Educators Association, and others support fostering public engagement with public schools.



  • Participate by resolution adoption

  • Promote engagement and partnerships  
  • Involve and showcase students
  • Invite elected officials from all levels
  • Coordinate with neighboring school districts
  • Involve organizations (PTO/PTA) to assist
  • Provide a debrief for Q&A and comments
  • Include community and media partners



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